Loan Officer Virtual Assistants!!


All Your Marketing Tasks Done For You When You Wake Up.


The 20 Loan A Month Secret!!


Stop Cold Calling Realtors for Business

Sets appointments for realtors that are dying to speak with you... which means you never again have to experience begging agents for business.

A critical mistake every new Loan Officer rushes into and needs to slow down a little bit (before they run off a cliff)

The #1 thing most Loan Officers refuse to face and just bury their head in the sand, try to ignore, and hope it just goes away

The #1 RULE Loan Officers need to follow for Mortgage Marketing Tasks success

Specific overlooked opportunities in Mortgage Marketing Task right now that can help you with Doing Mortgage Marketing Tasks in ways you might never dream of (and we'll pull back the curtains)

Meet The Lo's using Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants In Mortgage Marketing


How to Use Virtual Assistants To Complete Your Marketing Tasks

If you want to get more loans, work with more realtors, and do less marketing tasks, then this is the most important system you will find. Our Virtual Assistants log into your laptop and become your own marketing department that works 24 hours a day for you.

Here's Some Of What We Do!!

Three Easy to Implement Packages To Choose From

Agent Relationship Builder

We find realtors for you on social media,  make contact with them,  track their contact info and production in a spreadsheet, and set appointments for you.  

Listing Booster Builder

We find realtors for you who need this service, set up their accounts, and post their listings in Facebook  to generate email and phone leads. 

List Report Builder

We follow agents for you and when they have new properties or open houses listed, we email, text and Facebook message them to create new relationships for you.  

Ad Creation

We will create diff. types of Ads for your Needs. Eg: Lead Generation Ad, Open House Ads, Home Buyer Ad, Listing Ad and Many More.

Video Editing

We will Create Intros/Outros for your video. Add captions to the video and edit the video.

Event Builder

We create Online Events and Promote them. So that it is easy for you to fill out the seats.

Companies We Work With

Quickly Change Your Tasks on Your Mobile Phone

Ordering your Tasks are as Simple as Dragging and Dropping them from one column to another.  

What is EP Mortgage Services?

EP Mortgage Services is an amazing new service that provides Virtual Marketing Assistants for Loan Officers to do your Mortgage Marketing Tasks so you can get back on the phone and sell.

A Few Of The Systems We Support

Other Features and Benefits

Virtual Mastermind Facebook Group

Live Training Classes

Mobile Landing Page Builder

Facebook Ad Creation 

Process Tasks also Available

Social Media Management

Video Editing

Database Management


We Create Facebook Marketing

FSBO Marketing

New Tasks Every Month

Courses on how to use the Tasks






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